This is a late post because I wasn’t sure what a digital genre was. It turns out I was looking too much into it. SELFIES are a digital genre and boy do I know it well. As I shared on a previous post, I have an Instagram account which I share photos of family, friends, my food, and places I’ve been, but most of my posts are selfies of myself. I like to take selfies, mostly when my hair is looking FABULOUS and I think I’m looking pretty good.

You may ask yourself, “What features go into a selfie? How Personal could you get? What rhetorical moves may you use, effectively and ineffectively?” (Kerry Dirk. Page 250.)

Let’s begin with what is a selfie? For the most part there are 3 things that make up a selfie:

  1. Its a picture with your face in it
  2. You took the photo yourself. No one else did it for you.
  3. The photo is shared on the internet (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc.)

What types of selfies are there?

I’ve noticed 6 different types of selfies (here comes the listicle!)

  1. The “I am healthy” selfie: these selfies tend to be pictures of people posing in the gym, drinking their water bottle/protein shake, or showing how healthy they eat.




gym selfie exercise selfie water selfie

2. The validation selfie: These selfies show off new hair styles, or make-up look, or a guys new haircut.


male validation selfie  kardashian validation selfie

3. The snap happy selfie: a collage of selfies with different facial expressions (you couldn’t choose one).
snap happy selfie

4. The “I need empathy” selfie: People post pictures of themselves in the doctors office, or post a picture of themselves and share the loss of a loved one in a caption.

sympathy selfie

5. The “I did it!” or “I’m here!” selfie: These pictures are usually to prove that you accomplished something or that you are somewhere people wouldn’t believe if you told them.

dog selfie spartan selfie  Mr. Bean Selfie

6. The infamous “duck-face” selfie: The duck-face selfie is a picture of yourself with your lips pouted in imitation of a duck.
Mona Lisa duck face    baby duck face

If you didn’t already know, there is even an accessory that can be used for this digital genre and it is called a selfie stick. Is that another genre in itself? I don’t know. For some people selfies are fun to take, especially when you take them with a group of friends. It is said that your selfie to “normal pictures” ratio should be 1:8. I may be a little out of line, but hey, that’s how i contribute to the Instagram world!

So don’t be shy and take a selfie!


Granny selfie

Here’s a video on how to take the “perfect selfie”.


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