I didn’t realize that memes were around for a long time. I also recently found out that the names for these humorous captions on pictures were called “memes”. According to Richard Dawkins, “memes are used to explain the way cultural information spreads (1976). “The word “meme” is short for the Greek word “mimeme,” meaning “imitated thing”. From what I have seen, memes tend to poke fun, or express what a person may feel or think in a picture with a phrase in (mostly) bold letters. There are so many memes that I wanted to share with you all, but I decided to go with the classic “Grumpy Cat” meme. First of all, he is a cute cat who has a permanent grumpy face. Second of all, I can’t help but laugh at some of the memes that were made up with her (Grumpy Cat is a female for those of you who didn’t know…err me).


A little fun fact on “Grumpy Cat”, her actual name is Tardar Sauce (hilarious right!?) If grumpy cat had a voice I could imagine her saying, “Tardar Sauce” whenever she was faced with a “sucky” situation. Tardar Sauce became popular after her owner’s brother posted a picture of her on Reddit and people added grumpy captions to it. Tardar Sauce’s face appears grumpy because she has a feline form of dwarfism.


All of the memes with Grumpy Cat tend to be rude, spiteful, malicious, mean…you know what I “meme”, right? These captions complement the expression of the cat’s face. So the formula for this meme, as Kerry Dirk would say, would be to say something that a “grumpy” person (or cat) would say. Even though all the Grumpy Cat memes are quite grumpy, the topics differ (they don’t all talk about the same thing).

So why “Grumpy Cat”? Well according to Casey Chan from Gizmodo.com, there are 3 ingredients that make a memes a viral hit:

  1. A meme has to appeal to a large group of people so that it could be more widely shared. I would say that “Grumpy Cat” has appealed to a ton of people, and was widely shared. There are so many “Grumpy Cat” memes that I had trouble just choosing 5 for this assignment.
  2. The meme has to use humor: “Grumpy Cat” uses humor that people could relate to.
  3. The meme has to be shared on all social medias/micro blogs: “Grumpy Cat” was a viral hit on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and most likely on many other social media sites that I don’t know about.

And this my friends is the “Grumpy Cat” meme that I generated…on memegenerator.net. I apologize for it being corny.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 3.00.09 PM

There are new memes being created everyday, and with all the ridiculous things that are making news how could there not be? I enjoy memes and there is always a new one on my Instagram feed. From what it seems, memes are going to be around for a long time.


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