The *Selfie* Digital Genre

This is a late post because I wasn’t sure what a digital genre was. It turns out I was looking too much into it. SELFIES are a digital genre and boy do I know it well. As I shared on a previous post, I have an Instagram account which I share photos of family, friends, my food, and places I’ve been, but most of my posts are selfies of myself. I like to take selfies, mostly when my hair is looking FABULOUS and I think I’m looking pretty good. Read more


My Very Own Listicle

I thought long and hard about the listicle I would like to do. I have decided to do a listicle on the struggles of a curly hair girl.

Some of you may not know this, but I am naturally a “curly girl”.

Just in case ya don’t believe me, here is the proof. I tend to straighten my hair often because it’s easier for me to handle.

IMG_3854 IMG_3856 IMG_3911

So, here we go! Read more

Listing Listicles

I just keep learning something new at every class. I never knew about the word listicle. I was totally confused when our professor brought up listicles…”Um..what? (valley girl voice)”. When I found out what they were I realized that I am in fact a listicle LOVER. The lists attract me because it is an idea that has been simplified into a list, and who doesn’t like simple? You could find listicles in magazines, (5 things Jennifer Lopez Does to Stay in Shape), or you can find them online on buzzfeed or cracked, heck I always see them posted on Facebook. I found out that there are 3 types of listicles: Read more

Know What I Meme?

I didn’t realize that memes were around for a long time. I also recently found out that the names for these humorous captions on pictures were called “memes”. According to Richard Dawkins, “memes are used to explain the way cultural information spreads (1976). “The word “meme” is short for the Greek word “mimeme,” meaning “imitated thing”. From what I have seen, memes tend to poke fun, or express what a person may feel or think in a picture with a phrase in (mostly) bold letters. There are so many memes that I wanted to share with you all, but I decided to go with the classic “Grumpy Cat” meme. Read more

Reflection on Turkle’s Chapter 8 “Always On”

G-mail, Yahoo, AOL, Myspace, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, (breathe) Snapchat, Periscope, Pinterest, Youtube, Vine, Whats app, Tinder, Google plus, and virtual games are just some of the many forms of social networking in which people all over the world use and sometimes heavily rely on. I myself am trying to keep up with all the forms of social media that are out there. I had Facebook, Instagram, and two Gmail accounts (personal and school). Now that I am in Intro to Writing Arts Module 1, I have Facebook, Instagram, two Gmail accounts, Tumblr, Twitter, and WordPress. Quite honestly Read more